'Moments' scrapbook

..... an assortment of reviews and programs from performances of Great Moments from Shakespeare.

Program for American performance, Text:
U.S.A. A rare experience of theater artistry was enjoyed
by the audience in the Lobero Theater last night, when Alan Harkness and his wife, Mechthild Tohannsen, presented their condensed version of
Shakespeare's "King Lear." so skillful was the selection and knitting to- gether of the lines, so artful the use of lighting, color, costumes, makeup, and simple setpieces on
the barren stage, and so eloquent the vocal, physi. cal and choreographic communications. that one
sensed the distilled essence of the drama. ..one could easily evoke the rude majesty of the kingly hall, the courtyard of the ducal palace, the stormswept heath, to lend a scenic frame for the
compelling figures of the two players. There was excitement and magic in the way they moved and gestured, their use of cloaks, flowing
draperies of rich, contrasting colors, and veils. Harkness played only the title role, unkempt. dis. traught and yet stall commanding in his moments of rage and remorse. Miss ohannsen plaved the three daughters, by a sim aple device of veils of two colors, and the swift and complete change of voice, racial expression and inner character as one gave way to another. She also appeared as the motleyed Fool, capering and taunting and versifying, in tender solicitude for the mad old king. The ca- denced lines were spoken primarily for their dra- matic impact ... there was richness and subtlety and nuance of expression that we experience far too rarely in the theater today. Miss Johannsen had a wide range of vocal color, timbre and pitch
in her four roles.
She was outstanding as the gentle and forthright Cordelia and the coldly ruthless Goneril. In the tender scene where she seeks to soothe her father and restore him to his senses, she sang two lovely songs without words, to her own accompaniment on an old Irish harp, and re- vealed a voice of remarkable purity, range and
expressive beauty. Harkness's characterization, in appearance and
movement and vocal expression was excellent. The production was a contribution of great aes. thetic and educational value, and at the same time
nent. It is to be hoped that this talented couple will be persuaded to give
others of their
"Great Moments From
Shakes. peare" here-for the enlightenment of young stu.
dents and the inspiration and enjoyment of the
general audience. ALAN HARKNESS
Great Moments

Program, Text:
king Lear
Romeo and Juliet
Machett = Cymbeline A Midsummer Night's
.. from the press.
Paris .. The other evening this shakespearean presence filled the theatre like a sublime breath. And with what means! Not even rudimentary scenery. The feminine interpreter personified one after the other the three daughters of the king as well as the Fool; rival of Ruth Draper, she managed without effort to reconstruct by gesture, intonation and mime the soul of each of the four characters. In the incomparable scene, where Cordelia ministers to the distress of the demented king, accompany- ing her lullaby with the harp, she sang with the most pure voice don't know what melody per- fectly suited to the situation. Her partner gave all
his stature to the personality of wear; in the latter
scenes he simply took one's breath awav.
... what actors! Impeccable diction delivered with voice at once melodious and warm andsadanted without effort to the dimensions of the theatre. A style of playing of exceptional class where the ges. ture is of rare beauty, breathtaking; a grandeur and simplicity of which one knows few examples in Paris. Ah! that Juliet interpreted by Mechthild
Johannsen; how moving and beautiful and pure! And Alan Harkness! it is all of Shakespeare reviv. ing through him. What fire in his acting, what flame where the rhythm of the verse recreated the emotion and the very life seemed renewed as by a miracle before your eyes. The miracle of one of the most beautiful texts ever, spoken by two great
actors, Mechthild Johannsen and Alan Harkness.
Switzerland With admiration one followed the splitsecond transformations of versatile Alan Harkness from Macbeth, vacillating between power-cravenness and conscience, to the bawdily cursing drunken Porter; from the nobly roguish elfking, Oberon to the pert woodsprite, Puck, who makes his wild leaps with incredible agility. Harkness's portrayal of lachimo, whom he carefully deprived of any criminal intent and made appear as a vain inflated buffoon, showed his remarkable talent for the gro. tesque. Mechthild Johannsen appealed particularly as the graceful queen of elves, Titania. Her expres. sive gestures and singing, which rang pure as a bell and which she accompanied on the harp, lent a
special charm to her playing.
Switzerland To be sure, it was Shakespeare in extract, but the extract was truly strong enough to stagger. A whole
world was conjured up on the stage.
Germany Immortal Shakespeare unpretentious, and above all inwardly filled, that is how theatre should al. ways be played. The audience forgot time and space, became all eye and ear; a rare and intense
Italy . roaring success of a Shakespearean production.
... linear style and a rare purity which expressed
in all humility the dizzy height and greatness ot

Gabriel Marcel in Les Nouvelles Litteraires, 16.2.1950
French paper in which review appeared, Text:
- 162.50
Shakespeare au Théâtre de Poche

French review, text:
															AI eu l'autre soir au Théâtre de Poche la plus heureuse surpri se. On donnait non le specta- cle coupé pour lequel j'étais venu, mais quel-
ques scènes du Roi Lear et du Songe d'une nuit
d'été interprétées par Alan Harkness et Mechtilde Johannsen du Highvalley Theater de Californie. Alors qu'à Othello, il y a quelques semaines, je n'avais eu aucun sentiment de la pré- sence shakespearienne, malgré l'opu- lence des moyens mis en œuvre à la salle Richelieu, l'autre soir cette pré- sence emplissait la salle comme un souffle grandiose. Et pourtant ! Pas le moindre rudiment de décor bien plus, l'interprète féminine incarnait tour à tour les trois filles du roi et même le fou; émule de Ruth Draper, elle parvint sans le moindre effort à nous restituer par ses gestes, par ses intonations, par l'expression du visage l'âme même des quatre person- nages. Jajoute que dans la scène in- comparable où Cordélia berce en s'ac- compagnant sur la harpe. la détresse du roi dément, elle chanta de la voix la plus pure je ne sais quelle mélodie
parfaitement accordée à la situation. Son partenaire donna toute sa stature au personnage de Lear ; dans les der- nières scènes il fut tout simplement
bouleversant. Je lisais l'autre jour qu'Othello est une œuvre périphérique. Ici nous sommes au cœur même du lyrisme shakespearien. Mais j'en viens à me demander si en dernière analyse, Sha- kespeare ne serait pas aussi intradui- sible que Wagner, et si les meilleures traductions, parmi lesquelles nous de- vons compter celles qu'ont signées Re- né Lalou et Mme Christine Lalou peu- vent être autre chose que d'indispen-
sables instruments de travail.
Je signale en passant que plusieurs des grands chefs-d'œuvre shakespeariens dont Hamlet et Macbeth viennent de reparaitre aux Editions de Cluny dans la version qu'en a donnée notre col-
laborateur. Les deux acteurs du Highvalley Theater joueront tous les jours, si je ne me trompe, au Théâtre de Poche, pendant la dernière semaine du mois, des scènes de Roméo et Juliette. Je compte faire mon possible pour aller les entendre. Retrouverai-jo l'émotion
de l'autre soir ?
Gabriel MARCEL.

Review of Dornach performance, Jan. 1950
Basel review, text: 
														Dienstag, 24. Januar 1950 - 106. Jahrgang, Nr. 36
Basler Dachrichten
mit Ginanz- und Sandelsblatt
Dafouratrasse 49
Telçbon 23860
Preis der Nummer 3) CGP
Annoncen-Expedition AG. Freiestrass
Tach grossen Exlolgen in Paris a Hosens Rom
Mittwoch, 9. August, 21 Uhr präxis
mir Kostom/and Misit
Samstag, 19. August, 21 Uhr präzis
Lederionzert Voelkerstimmen von Gestern und Heute
Korten zu Frs. 2.50, 3.50, und S, bei Poncoldi• Ascono

Review of Dornach performance
Basle review:
														Basel, Freitag, 27. Januar 19:
Abendblatt Nr.
Patio1- 3eitung
Verlag, Redaktion, Expedition, Bucknlage 14, Telephon 5 80 80, Postcheckkonto V 2393
Inseraten-Verwaltuniel, Freiestrasse 29, Telephon 2
Shakespeare-/bend im Goetheanum
Aus dem BreTTae Ti 11.39, o Maeso Te 2169, 13 stadura Trage) 1 Semear Fr. 135, 3 Aciaste 5.
Wenn Szenen aus Shakespeares Dramen t
etelecher sprache ausecnrs
Unsterblicher Shakespeare
18 Ca Galade Kabriaro la
bedeutet die abendliche Fahrt nach Dornoch, der stocision.
dunkle Wez zum Goetheanum und die mitternachtliche
Gontio wissen wir daha
kein zu grossen Opfer. Das den geousen Anal its.
rke kommenden Sobauspieler Alan a Khos
in Original vertraut waren. So _Macbeth
Mechthild ohannNe
und Julla noch in bester Erinnerung
Die erhosiren Geschehnisse inadacbel
¡Schurken Tachlmo Im Schlafgemach der treuen und peine vorzüglich Im Grotesken legende Begabung. Die
Konlg Cymbelines und mebrfache Verwandlung vom hoheitsvollen und
schilemilch Streit und Versohnung des Elfenkönigs schalkhaften Eifenkönlg Oberon in den kecken Wald
chts- Kobold Puck, der mit unglaublicher Elastizität seine
umen zeigten in sehr geschickter Auswahl die

Review of German performance
German language newspaper review, text:
														Stemer Stadridten
seit 1743 / Schönemann Zeitungsverlag GmbH., Bremen
Mittwoch, 22. März 195
Englischer Theaterabend in Worpswede Die Vergangene Woche brachte den Worps- Johagnien hit eine große Könnerin, es wedern ela künstterisches Brelgnis von ein- stättet sich nicht nur
algartigem. Wert: eine
In der elgentömlich
szenlsche Darstellung
von ihrer schauspiele
von Shakespeares
AKUnlir Lears
alteng- rischen Aufgabe hat, sondern vor allen Dinge
Die ausfübrenden
in Ihres fraziösen Anmut, in den herben und Waren Mechthild Johannten und Alan Hark- zugleich sehr sanften Akzenten, die sle threa
niess, beide aus Kalifornion, Die Veranstaltong,
schenen Worten gibt
selchnete sich
Es kann verichledene Meinungen darüber
durch Ihr hohes
daft es sich dabel um eine Entwurzelung des
Unfer táglichee Wort
Ein Miteinander aweier Menschen ist eine Un- moglichken und, wo es doc vorsonden acheinerine Beschränkung, eing gegensellige Obereinkunll, weldie einen Tell oder beide Telle Ihrer vollsten Freihelt und Entwicklung beraub aber das Bewusisein vorgas. gesetzt, das auch zwischen den nachaten Menschen unendlicio Fernen bestchenbleiben kann Ihnen ein wundervolles Nebencinonderwonneoerwadisenwenn es ihnen geling die weite zwischen sic zu lieben.di Ihnen die Moolichken giol einander immer in ganzes
Gestoll und vor einem großen Himmel tu sehen
Shakelpeare-Abend der Goethe-Gefellicaft Einen seltenen kunstlerischen Genus erlebte man
am montagmrunktheateresicchthldsonannsen und Aion Harkness, zwel amerikanische Schau- spieler von aubergewohnlichersesabungezeisten
Szenen aus Shakespeares
Dramen. Sie vorzichteten
au Kulisson und die
Spannung. des reschlossenen Handlungsablaufs, So richtete sich die Aufmerksam- kelt der Zuschauer allein auf ihr Spiel, und dieses Spiel kann in seiner Eindringlichkeit kaum Toren werden. Durch hohe Spruchkultur die Ste-
hen würden In reinem Stakespearc-Enflich darne-
und weino
wurden dis delpriche aur Romeo und
Verhaltenhelt_der Theatrallk
Macbeth brachten eine mitreiSende Steigering des
Stone aus
A Midsummer Night' Dream" war ein
Spiel, wie es nur Shakespeare. erdichten und durch
Aten starkner gab sein testecaliPloringr vor, dem
Tier Po Dr August K openbere es zu

Program for Dornach performance
German poster, text:
Szenische Darstellung in englischer Sprache durch
Mechthild Johannsen und Alan Harkness (aus Californien).
Einleitende Worte: Prof. Dr. Aug. Kippenberg. Am Montag, 13. März 1950, 20 Uhr, pünktlich in der Aula Dechanatstraße
werden Szenen aus folgenden Dramen geboten:
Macbeth (4 Szenen): Macbeths Brief an die Lady • Ermordung Duncans, Erwachen des Gewissens • Pförtner vor
dem Höllentor • Lady Macbeths Schlafwandeln.
Es treten aut: Lady Macbeth, Macbeth, Kammerfrau, Pförtner.
Cymbeline (2 Szenen): lachimo macht den Hof : Imogens
Es treten auf: Imogen, lachimo.
21 Midfummer Might's Dream: Verzauberter Wald.
Es treten auf: Pud, Titania, Oberon, Bottom.
Eintrittskarten zu DM 2.- bei Praeger & Meler, Am Wall 185. Eine Vorstellung für Schüler und Studierende findet am Donnerstag, 16. März 1950, 20 Uhr, in der Aula Dechanatstraße
mit Szenen aus Romeo and Juliet und A Midsummer Night's Dream statt. Eintritt 50 PF. Eine beschränkte Anzahl Karten für Erwachsene (DM 2.-) nach
dem 7. 3. bei Praeger & Meler.
Aus den Basler Nachrichten vom 24. 1. 50 ShakespearerAbend im Goetheanum Dornach: Mechthild Johannsen und Alan Harkness, beides Künstler von stärkster und ursprünglichster schauspielerischer gabung, brachten Scenen aus Shakespeare zur Aufführung, die durch lebendige
mittelbarkeit des Agierens und zugleich durch bewußte Schulung erreichte,
e. Kultur des Sprechens in reinem Shakespeare Englisch etwas schlechthin
Ergreifendes und Beglüdendes hatten.

Review of Dornach performance
King Lear in Goetheanum, text:
														«King Lear» im Goetheanum Shakespeares grossartiges Werk Könlg Lears wird heutzutage nicht mehr oft auf die Bühne ge- bracht, nicht weil es szenisch allzugrosse Schwierig- keiten bieten würde, sondern weil das Geschehen für die Bühne fast zu gewaltig ist. Die Geschichte des al. ten, von seinen Töchtern verstossenen Königs, der in der äussersten Bitterkeit menschlichen Elends auch noch den entfesselten Elementen preisgegeben wird und dem Wahnsinn verfällt; daneben die nicht minder grässliche Geschichte von Gloster, dem von seinem ehrgeizigen Bastardsohn auf offener Bühne die Augen ausgestochen werden das sind Grausamkeiten, die sich das heutige Publikum nicht mehr ohne weiteres | ansehen kann. Denn wenn uns etwas ausser geplagten Tieren und misshandelten Kindern das Herz zusam- menpressen kann, so ist es sicher der ohne Mitleid
verstossene Greis. Aus diesem unerbittlichen Kampf zwischen Liebe und Hass wurden am Samstagabend im Goetheanum dem reichlich erschienenen Publikum von zwei Schauspielern acht Szenen in englischer Sprache ge- boten, Indem man die Glosterhandlung ganz aus dem Spiel liess, ergab sich eine neue Einheit, ohne dass der Intensität des Geschehens ein Abbruch getan wurde Zwar war es Shakespeare im Extrakt, aber der Ex- trakt war wahrhaftig noch stark genug, um zu er- schüttern. Einsam im Mittelpunkt stand die tragische
Gestalt Lears, mit schimmerndem Purpur angetan. Alan Harkness spielte seinen Sturz vom Glanz ins Elend mit schönem Pathos und wusste selbst noch im Wahnsinn eine grossartige Würde zu bewahren. An Mechthild Johannsen, die gleich vier Figuren ver- körpern musste, konnte man eine unglaubliche Wand- lungsfähigkeit bewundern. Sowohl als hingebende Cordelia (besonders schön, als sie am Krankenbett ihres Vaters zur Harfe singt), wie als harte Goneril, und als heuchlerische Regan wusste sie zu .überzeug gen, und wenn sie auch alle im gleichen Gewand wir dergeben musste, genügte allein schon eine andere,
Drapierung des Schleiers, um uns eine ganz andere. Wesensart vor Augen zu führen. Aber auch die Kna- benrolle des Narren wusste sie trefflich zu meistern, wenn sie mit tänzerischer Beweglichkeit Lear um-
gaukelte und ihre Schelmenliedchen zum besten gab. So gelang es den beiden Künstlern, obwohl wie zur Zeit Shakespeares auf alle szenischen Zutaten verzichtet wurde, eine ganze Welt auf der Bühne heraufzube- schwören. Gerade weil sie allein auf die eigenen sprachlichen und körperlichen Mittel angewiesen wa- ren, konnten sie der Heideszene neue Effekte abge- winnen: wenn sie in ihrem Mund das Heulen des Win- des mit dem eigenen Schlottern mischten, so brachten sie so auch für unsere Phantasie den Sturm und Lears Leiden zu einer Einheit. Durch diese Beschränkung auf das Wesentliche wurde aber auch das, was eine realistische Learaufführung heute fragwürdig macht,
glücklich umgangen.
Dienstag, 30. Mai 1950

Clippings re. Italian performances

Review: text:
														TEATRO SAN MATERNO
Zwei Shakespeare Abende
Szenische Darstellung mit Musik und Kostüm
Donnerstag, 27. Juli, 21 Uhr präzis
Donnerstag, 3. August, 21 Uhr präzis
Englisches Theater in Worpswede
Karten zu Frs. 2.50, 3.50, und 5.- bei Pancaldi - Ascona
Daß nur zwei Schauspiolar. - Mechthild
Autobus: Abfahri Locarno Stazion 20 h. 50 hält auf Verlangen bei San Maferno hannsen und Alan Hatkneß New York und ci fornien, wo beide ihr eigenes Theater haben) auf dem kaum _Bühne zu nennenden Podi der Worosweder Kunstschau imstande
Shak-speares große Lear-Tragodie,
ewige Spiel vom
verstosenen Vater und Ron zum vollständigen Erlebnis zu machen, das ha komer der Zusdhater vorher für mögilch gehait Aberinicht soisehr das verstandesmäBig begriffe Wort, ais vielmehr der Klang der Spradie,
mit Hilte weniger Requisiten,
prachtv farbigen Kostümen wid vor allem mit fast t dorischer Bewegungskunst erreichte Tusion wit lid großen Theaters mußte alles Fehlende v gessen lassen. Alan Markne8 gab echte klassist
Bundentradition mit Gesten, die den engen Rat
Szene nicht wemger als vor vollig verschied
Gestaten: Beide Künstler wollen
auf ihrer nachsten Deutschland-Tourr
Maggio Musicale , ascluttente di gesto o di voco, la squam-
[tita » lírica di Shakespeare.
hannsen, proveniento da uns scuola di
particolare a ca:
5 La prima del « Prigioniero » curitioin, avverte n denza delle parole e della tragedia che
laterpreta, PiQ sonoro: Jo Haráness, Ton-
stasera al Comunale
Da Etcadro
d'avanguardia che
Stasers, alle ore 21, prima rappre.
si rinnovamento di quedia
rentazione del « Prigioniero s
« Actores. Vagarites», come a
Dalia piccola, Maestro diréttoro e con-
questo loro mes
Spcertatore Bermann Scherches. Interpre
ragglo di estrema remplicita
u priscipall: Magda Laszlo, Mario Blo- velaro, alvolla tatto quell'infnito al
Scipione Colombo. Maestro del Coro Tantaris e as aniortobl che 16 tesso
Morosint, Regista:
o di Ento
*Pecento chei die attori il stano 11.
recite in un pubblico coai AI = Prigiontoro torà seguito la ter. rappresentaziono di « Chout (I) Bur-
lose) », nella nuora versione corcogran.
concertata . dal maestro Bitoro Gracis e in- serpretato da WIndimir Skouratot, Mfa- ria Dalba,
Albert Mol o
«Magglo Sinalcale
nos, Scene
оге. 16,50,
2a1 maestro
Renata Tebaldl, Miens Nicolal.
Giacomo Vacbi, Mario Petri,
Camillo Righini,
.Marl, Mary
Gaal, Lucin
Coro Andren Morosial, Ro
dita Carlo Piccinato. Scene o costami
bottettl o figurinl
di Primo Contl. Proneatono intanto alacremente | pro-
parativi per la realizzazione della
Shakespeare in Palazzo Ricasoli
MaDCaTa solo It pubblico meno ele
Stechtbild Johannsen ilaridees, un'attrice avinzera o an at-
sastraliano reatdenti in America:
Che percotrono palegicealel ands di
mondo reditando framments
Sontespearo, hatno detto Machelli?i
nell'androne di langarno,
educato negil applausi che Il tremendo furore di Lady
a atalisse sulla scalca.
Shakespeare im Zimmertheater Paris, 24. März (NZ). - In einem ganz kleinen Pariser Theater, dessen Zuschauerraum nur 75 Personen faßt, dem sogenannten Taschenthea- ter, spielten kürzlich zwei junge amerikanische
Schauspieler, Mechthild Johannsen und Alan
Harkness, Szenen aus Shakespeare.
Auf der nadsten Bühne ohne alle Dekoration spielten ste und rezitierten nicht nur, wwie man viel- Leicht hatte erwarten können, ia sie bepntgten sich auch nicht mit abgeschlossenen Dialogen, sonderh verwandelten sich hinfer einer behelis- matigen Kulisse innerhalb einer einzigen Szene
t fünf verschiedene Rollen... Nur die hohe Gestaltungskraft der beiden Schauspieler Konnte die Gefahr eines inneren Bruches, die stch teicht daraus hafte ergeben konnen, Uberwinden und die Zuschauer Shakes- peare teter erleben lassen, als es in den meisten Blamavell ausgestatteten Aufführungen der Fall
Ist.Die Einfühlung In das Intime Milieu
des Raumes war den Künstlern nicht fremd, da sie in Kalifornien ein fast ebenso kleines Theater,
das „Highvalley Theatre" leiten.
che bure uterrara fungion!
a scent senza appararo,
Talero Gelatapocto 51
•Porfiere del castello».
Uno Shakespeare
Garenzoe riprese, cho core

Italian newspaper reviews, text: LUGANO, 11 maggio 1949
la te le scene centrali dell'uccisione
In Duncan; di « Re Lear > la scena
I- della bufera e la morte di Corda
• e del padre. Molte cose vorremmo dire che lo
spazio vieta. Noteremo
solo it %. fatto fondamentale : che i due al
il tori risolsero felicemente l'andag o problema di dare di Shakesperre)
E tanto il drammo che la poesia. La ° recitazione e il gesto, entrambi
belissimi in sè, riuscirono ad espri. I mere insieme con armonia vitale la I intensa o immediata passione, ami na e l'incanto verbale che, senza
snaturarla, la trasfigura. Cosa sem. cellenti. Essi recitarono e agirono naturalmente, ma con la naturale:
za speciale che conviene al gene 9 re. Ce chi pensa che naturalezza i voglia dire parlare sempre come ai parla d'ordinario, anche quando i tratta di cose non ordinarie e dette
io maniera straordinaria. Diment? cano che ogni forma ha la sua pro pria naturalezza: altra quella del laptosa comune, altra quella dell' tissima poesia. Sembrano pensar che un uccello non voli in modi naturale solo perchè non fa l'e fetto d'un pesce che guizza. Ma
difficoltà non sta nello sciogliere
E di ticolia non do nell secioglier, ¡solverlo in pratica, trovando qua le sia la vera naturalezza in ogni caso speciale. I due interpreti seg prirono la giusta soluzione d'istit te, con la loro squisita, accorati
mente fascinalrice sensibilità. Pe
questo la commozione degli ascolti
Serata Shakespeariana
tori tu profonda e pienado lasc
Venerdi 6 maggio al Teatro S. in tutti un vivo desiderio di cose
Materno, Mechthild Johanasen e rinnovata.
Alan Harkness presentarono sceni-
Nella serata di ieri, sempre
camente frammenti da « Romeo e Teatro San Materno, Mechthi "Giulietta ›, ¿Macheth» es Re Lears Johannsen ha svolto un suo pr nel testo inglese. Del primo dram- gramma di canti popolari antic ma, impersonando con abilissima e moderni, accompagnando la se versatilità non solo i due protagoni- dolce voce suggestiva che già ci to
sti, ma anche caratteristiche parti cò
suono del
secondarie, essi diedero una sinte- cetra.
G. L. BREZZO si breve ma efficace e idealmente completa. Molto encomiabile la scena finale che figura la ricon- ciliazione delle famiglie nemiche sulla tomba degli infelici amanti scena troppo spesso trascurata an- che in rappresentazioni più vaste da artisti che la credono superflua, mentre è quella che dà alla trage- (at di due soli un profondo senso sociale che la magnifica e la giu-
stifica. Di Macheth» furono offer-

Italian poster, text:
															TEATRO S. MATERNO - ASCONA
"King Lear "
"Romeo and Julies"
„Macbeth "
acted in Englisch by Mechthild Johannsen
and Alan Harkness
FRIDAY May 6 th
20.30 p. m. With a suggestion of costume and music the Strolling Players bring you
the magic of Shakespeare.
From the Press:
The sure senso of theatre shown by Harkness' players in their middle Englisch Christmas play creates this stark „Macbeth" The gifts of characterization which created Anton Tschekhow's unhappy folk of
„Uncle Vanya" take Shakospeare's familiar characters from the textbooks and bring them to vigarous life a
Venturs Star Fres Prsas
+The dramatic artists proved beyond question that they are seriously to be reckoned with in the American
theatre today a
Reisnd Star.Fr66 Denee
*This particular production is one of the best seen here in
years. The Bard himsell would have besu
spellbound by the oxpert staging of his tragedies.
Alan Harkness deserves high praise for this masterful theatrical achievement»
(Hollywood Citizen News)
*Last night in the idyl/allay of Olai a miraclo happened. A group of antits created a trus theater
ensemble and stand as a symbol that art as art is still in the first rank.
As „Peer Gynt'
" Harkness veritabla droVo his steed and his mother to heaven in the Ase
and shows usathat losen was trulv a
Emil Ludwig
Karton 9.50. 3.50 und 5.- Franken boi Foto Pancalds Ascona und Abendkasse
Kindly return

Italian poster, text:
														TEATRO FIAMMETTA
Mechthilde Johannsen
e Alan Harkness
che interpreteranno in inglese qualche scena più saliente di
Una scena nuda... nessun adobbo..
Soltanto due interpreti;
Una dizione impeccabile a servizio di una voce calda e
melodiosa. Uno stile di recitazione di classe superiore, dove il gesto è di una bellezza rara, di una grandezza e semplicità
tali che non si conoscono simili...
Prezzo: L. 1.200
L. 1.000
Per prenotazioni Telef. 470-464

Italian poster, text:
che interpreteranno salieniles
qualche scena
Una scena nuda... nessun addobbo...
Soltanto due interpreti
MA QUALI INTERPRETI! Una dizione impeccabile a servizio di una voce calda e melodiosa. Uno stile di recitazione di classe superiore, dove il gesto è di una bellezza rara, di una
grandezza e semplicità tali che non si conoscono simili
(Catherine Valogne) «Arts »
Prezzo: L. 1.200 - Soci L. 1000
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Cover of Italian program, text:
														m. corsy
Palazzo Ricasoli
Mechthild Johannsen
Alan Harkness
del Highvalley Theater di California
19 Maggio 1950

Italian program, text:
MACBETH Macbeth, il vittorioso il re Duncan mentre nato e ubriaco, ora re, ma Lady 3
sonno, rivive i suoi orrer
SceNa 18
Personazzi: LADY MACaETI

Italian program, text:
Big, lottano per il possesso di un
ALLEVERE COLLO ESITASSI Nato nella footana Australia@ attrattc
cerco lavano un'arte cbe interpretasso
chio ma ostiterra. entro marparte della
per crenro un'arte teatrale veraz
AlaN HarKness
del "Highvalley Theater di California"
15 Maggio 1950
- ore 21445

Italian program 2. text:
Scene celebri da
Ti secchlo re liesr bordeciso di rinonciare alle corons e di dividere
fareorierianits belle eran sair lotorno ad ona mappa del
Lear andanzia che dividera ll territorio son in parti
Iliforoando dalla caccia, lear e sorpreso
dalla felis, I sao Baffone fa amari commenti allo
rosrobero esseri
" No, you annatural haga!"
ScuNA 4 - Cioneri e legan decidono che ear debba rinunciare al soo
Il re, plattosto che rimanere con le Ingrate flelle,
oreferisce affrontare un minaccioso temporale Conerl e Re
del castello mentre I temporale
wmow windshand crack your coeeki.
" Come let's away to prison.."
do che ear e Cordelia possano suscitare la compassione del
^ 0 09 10 03 00600030

Italian program notes, text:
MECHTHILD JOHANNSEN: E nata in Svizzera, ma ha vissuto lungo tempo in America. La sua carriera artistica comincio all'età di nove anni, quando fu chiamata a far parte della Compagnia Euritmica diretta da sua madre, com- pagnia che recitò per molti anni nell'Europa del nord, ottenendo grandi successi in rappresentazioni di Buritmia e di drammi medievali. In America, alla sua attività come attrice, ha aggiunto quella di cantatrice, soprattutto di
canti religiosi medievali.
ALAN HARKNESS: Nato nella lontana Australia, fu attratto giovanissimo al teatro, nel quale cercò invano un'arte che interpre- tasse in modo convincente la protonda e complessa a tura umana. Venuto in Inghilterra, entrò a far parte della Compagnia di Michele Cekov, che gli fece conoscere Popera di Rudolf Steiner, in cui è indicato il metodo per creare un'arte teatrale veramente nuova c signi- ficativa. Sorpreso dalla guerra in America, dove recitava con Cekov, andò in California con molti dei suoi com- pagni e fondò il Highvalley Theater, teatro d'avan- guardia che sta combattendo una nobile battaglia per
il rinnovamento della vita tcatrale americana Questi due artisti d'eccezione, che amano considerarsi come Actores Va- gantes, senza alcun apparato scenico, semplicemente col mettersi in contatto col pubblico, riescono a rivelare in modo incomparabile, la magia di una grande opera d'arte, soprattutto di Shakespearc. Ecco cosa dice di loro un grande
critico parigino, C. Valogne.
Une scêne nue, pas de décors, juste deux interprètes, mais quels acteurs! Une diction impeccable servie par une voix à la fois mélodieuse et chaude
adaptée sans effort aux dimension de la salle. Un style de jeu d'une classe
exceptionnelle où le geste était d'une beauté rare, bouleversante, d'une grandeur
et d'une simplicite telles qu'on n'en connait peu d'exemples a Paris...

Italian newspaper review, text:
														Lire 20
Sabato 20 Maggio 1950
Amtslatranicon: via Ricaroll d: Teletoso 34183 B3424 2488;
altre rogioni ed Il catald: successo'
della montestatione"shakespeariana
Domeriazio as ferl_ha avato
hanno srollo la loro attività
statiounitia cha s
arnaimenten Europa

Italian press article, text:
															Shakespeare a palazzo Ricasoli
Firenze, maggio,
on eccczionale speltacolo a prosa
nel Cortile di Palarro
donannsen e Alan
karknexs del affich.
taeatres di Callfornis.
peare, a
mo Tiron
o scelto pabblico disinvitati
Free ins
Das aness
atelbarco, signora Murany, marchesn
del Brasile, Black di Nancastro.
Liederkonzert Mittwoch, den 12. Oktober, 20 Uhr 30
porse, Albert Stellen e
aaria Orsint Baroni, fit Biond
sontessa Flavia Farina Cini. marche:
Da alara Ananori aignora Jessio Ami.
Pontell: signora Biena Ciacc.Anna
essa aetella Planetti,
acted in English wit costumes and musik
„Romeo and Juliet"
„King Lear"
Donnerstag, den 20. Oktober, 20 Uhr 30
a Pelezze Ricaseli
.Macbeth "
„Midsummer Nights Dream"
Donnerstag, den 27. Oktober, 20 Uhr 30
Karten zu Frs. 2.50, 3.50 und 5.- bei Pancaldi Ascona und Abendkasse
22 Anno 77 - 4 glugno 1950
Fascicolo 3968 - Settimanal
His 100

American performances

Santa Barbara review, text:
														SANTA BARBARA NEWS.
American Premiere
Drama Duo to Present
'King Lear' on Tuesday
[9 MECHTHILD JOHANNSEN as The Fool and Alan Harkness as King Lear are shown in a scene from the
great Shakespearian play which they will present as a
Civie Cheater benefit at the Lobero Tuesday.
The American premiere of acted in "Karoline von Guender- Alan Harkness and Mechthild rhode," a new play by the Ger-
Johannsen's performance of man contemporary playwright King Lear" one of their "Great Albert Stefan. She lived in Swite Moments from Shakespeare" will erland as a child and speaks Ger mark an important event in their man fluently.
long and successful theatrical
Santa Barbara audiences
Miss Johannsen,
remember her for her perfon
who is Mrs. ance of "Dot" in "Cricket on th Harkness off stage, began her Hearth" which the Ojai Plage career in musie when she sang brought here. She also compo in operettas in New York City. the music for "Macheth," A very talented musician, she also toured from Ojai to has composed all the music for Barbara. their series of Great Moments Harkness began his
Shakespeare." Her first a painter, and received
she reports, was ship to the National Gall with her mother, who was the Australla, his native coun only teacher of Eurythmy in first became interested New York when she was a child. ater by reading Gordon She also participated in Summer
stock in New England.
From Australia
London where he act While on tour with her hus nese play.
band in Europe, Miss Johannsen (Continued on Pase

Lear in America, text: 
														American Premiere
Drama Duo to Present
'King Lear on Tuesday
Santa Barbara News-Press, Wed. Eve., Oct. 10, 1951
Harknesses Condense 'King Lear' Lobero Audience Enjoys
Rare Theater Experience
By RONALD D. SCOFIELD expression and inner character A rare experience of theater as one gave way to another. She
artistry was enjoyed by the audi.
also appeared as the motleyed ence in the Lobero Theater last Fool, capering and taunting and night, when Alan Harkness and versifying, in tender solicitude his wife, Mechthild Johannsen, for the mad old king.
presented their condensed ver
The cadenced lines were!
sion of
"King spoken primarily for their
dramatic impact, secondarily for
Missing were the many inter.
their phonetic value, and thirdly
locking minor themes, the rich.
for their intelligibility. For ail
ness of detail and the pageantry;
audience thoroughly
missing also some of the weari.
with the text, the articulation
some obscurities of this dour was perfectly adequate; for those
to whom the lines are unfamiliar
and doleful tragedy of senility, or long forgotten, it was not quite fading majesty, and gross be- trayal. But so skillful was the clear and forceful enough. Never.
selection and knitting together
theless within the subdued dy. of the lines, so artful the use of namic range of the performance
lighting, color, costumes, make.
there was richness and subtlety up, and simple set pieces on the and nuance of expression that barren stage, and so eloquent the we experience far too rarely in
vocal, physical and
choreo- the theater today. Miss Johann. graphic communications, that sen had a wide range of vocal one sensed the distilled essence color, timbre and pitch, in her of the drama. Continuity was four roles. She was outstanding
well maintained, the stage seem-
as the gentle and forthright Cor ed filled with the other silent delia and the coldly ruthless
and invisible characters,
Goneril, but slightly less per- one could easily evoke the rude suasive as the Fool. In the tender majesty of the kingly hall, the scene where she seeks to soothe courtyard of the ducal palace, her father and restore him to his the storm-swept heath, to lend senses, she sang two lovely songs a scenic frame for the compelling without words, to her own ac-
figures of the two players.
companiment on an old Irish
There was excitement and
harp, and revealed a voice of re
MECHTHILD JOHANNSEN as The Fool and Alan magic in the way they moved
markable purity, range and ex-
Harkness as King Lear are shown in a scene from the and gestured, their use of cloaks,
pressive beauty.
flowing draperies of rich, con-
Harkness's characterization, in
great Shakespearian play which they will present as a trasting colors, and veils. Hark-
appearance and movement and
Civic Theater benefit at the Lobero Tuesday.
ness played only the title role, for the most part in vocal ex-
pression, was excellent; only a
The American premiere of acted in "Karoline von Guender.
unkempt, distraught and yet few times did his facial anima- Ilan Harkness' and Mechthild rhode." a new play by the Get
ohannsen's performance of man contemporary plavwright still commanding in his moments tion and tone color suggest a
of rage and remorse. Miss Jo
King Lear," one of their "Great Albert Stefan. She lived in Switz- hannsen played the three daugh.
younger man than the ancient
ters, by a simple device of veils
foments from Shakespeare" will erland as a child and speaks Ger of two colors, and the swift and
English king.
The production was a contri- nark an important event in their man fluently.
ong and successful theatrical
complete change of voice, facial
bution of great esthetic and edu.
Santa Barbara audiences will
cational value, and at the same
remember her for her perform-
time compelling entertainment.
Miss Johannsen, who is Mrs. ance of "Dot" in "Cricket on the
It is to be hoped that this talent-
larkness off wage, began her Hearth" which the Ojai Players
ed couple will be persuaded to
areer in music when she sang brought here. She also composed
give others of their "Great Mo-
a operettas in New York City. the music for "Macbeth," which
ments from Shakespeare" here-
very talented musician, she also toured from Ojai to Santa
for the enlightenment of young
as composed all the music for Barbara,
students and the inspiration and
heir series of "Great Moments
Harkness began his career as
enjoyment of the general audi. rom Shakespeare." Her first a painter, and received a scholar-
walk-on," she reports,
Stream." He then worked with ence,
was ship to the National Gallery in
ith her mother, who was the Australia, his native country. He
Director Michael Chekhov it
nly teacher of Eurythmy in first became interested in the
England and later in this coun
ew York when she was a child. ater by. reading Gordon Craig.
try, and played the clown in
he also participated in Summer
N.Y. production "Twelfth Night.
tock in New England.
From Australia he went to
But most of his time was take
While on tour with her hus- nese play,
London where he acted in a Chi-
"Lady Precious
up with teaching.
and in Europe, Miss Johannsen
In Ojai, Harkness directed thy
(Continued on Pay
B:2, Col. 7) High Valley Theater group many productions well-remem
bered by audiences here. "King Lear" will find Harknes playing Lear and Mechthild Jo hannsen playing the fool and the three daughters on Tuesday evs ning. They play without benar of elaborate setting or properti depending more on the actin and suggested costumes to
over the different, characters.

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